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Securing & Monetizing the Mobile Network.

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€80M in New Revenue with

Anam's solution since 2007.

What can we deliver for you?

Telenor Norway have created over

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1.2M Subscribers generated

€2M New Revenue annually

How can we help you?

A Telefonica network with

with our help

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ways to get the best out of our network,

Anam’s solution means we will be well

Digicel Group - Conor Clarke, International Business Director

We are always looking for new and innovative

positioned to take advantage of the projected

traffic growth in this area.


SMS Assure

Anam provides wholesale A2P SMS Revenue Assurance to MNO’s; our solutions can deliver €2m additional revenue on 1m Subscribers.


Signalling Firewall

Anam’s Managed Signalling Firewall protects mobile networks from attacks arriving over the global SS7 and Diameter Networks.


SMS Firewall

Anam’s SMS Firewall is a sophisticated filtering system which allows the Operator to monitor, detect, block and report on SMS spam.