Signalling Firewall


Anam’s Saifcell Threat Information Sharing system is a voluntary process and technical system for operators to share SS7 & DIAMETER threat information in Near Real Time.  The system is independent of Firewall vendors and comprises:

  • Cloud delivered Threat Information Sharing Interface
  • Threat definition technical protocol
  • Legal framework to provide confidentiality and non-attribution

Anam’s easy to configure Signalling Firewall protects mobile networks from attacks arriving over the global Signalling (SS7 and DIAMETER) network.

Serious security flaws in Mobile Operator Signalling networks (SS7 and DIAMETER) are being exploited today by fraudsters, criminals and foreign security services to intercept subscriber communications – voice and texts.   Anam’s market leading Signalling Firewall blocks these attacks by fully securing access to the Signalling network so these threats are eliminated.

Signalling Firewall Benefits

  • Secure your subscribers against eavesdropping on Voice and Messages and Credit Fraud by fraudsters, criminals and foreign security services
  • The Anam Firewall is the easiest to configure and ensures the lowest cost of operations
  • Build brand trust with subscribers and businesses by offering a secure network
  • Avoid the legal consequences of responsibility for an unsecured network
  • Meet national and international security obligations
  • Operators get access the Anam Saifcell Threat Information Sharing System which ensures the latest threats are shared across operators
  • The Anam Firewall also enables new Revenue Generation opportunities for Mobile Operators by data monetisation

Signalling Firewall Features

  • SS7 (2G / 3G) and DIAMETER (4G / LTE) Networks are both protected and the same threat is blocked in both networks
  • The Anam Signalling Firewall is the easiest to configure Signalling Firewall on the market ensuring the lowest cost of management
  • Full Inspection of packets from high level protocol view down to binary level
  • The Anam Saifcell System Threat Information system provides a real time rule update service based on actual attacks experienced in our customer base worldwide
  • Access to subscriber identity information is secured, so that it cannot be accessed from outside of the network
  • Protection of network node identities and configuration
  • Automatic Detection of suspicious behaviour and associated analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Techniques
  • Real time blocking of Signalling based security attacks
  • Flexible filtering rules & rule combinations
    • Whitelisting & Blacklisting
    • Protocol Validation checking

Anam’s solution is supported on telco grade Linux based platforms.  A number of deployment models are supported including classic turnkey hardware & software package as well as deployment into a VMware based data centre.  The solution is fully scalable, employs a fully redundant architecture and adheres to highest platform based security standards (e.g. operating system hardening).

In addition to providing the platform, Anam also offers a full managed service capability designed to ensure that the platform is operated, configured and updated with latest security rules on an ongoing basis.  Our Saifcell Threat Information Sharing system allows operators to share real time information is a secure and confidential manner. Our deep knowledge of the Mobile Operator environment enables us to secure your network whilst maintaining the integrity of genuine roaming and interconnect traffic flows.

Fully scalable, employs a fully redundant architecture and adheres to highest platform based security standards.

Benefits of Anam’s Managed Signalling Firewall

Anam is uniquely placed to offer a carrier grade Signalling Firewall:

Read more about enhancing security on the Signalling network

To read more about the need for enhancing security on the SS7 network, take a look at Anam CTO’s recent blog post The Signalling Network needs its own Secured Borders”.

Anam has unrivalled pedigree in the Signalling space. The company patented SMS home routing in 2004.

Extensive experience developing & implementing Security solutions across varied carrier environments.

Expert Managed Service to maintain network security levels.

A deep understanding of the Mobile Operator’s business.

Flexible Commercial Approach, reflecting our appreciation of prevailing budgetary landscapes.

Efficient Deployment based on extensive working relationships with the MNO industry.