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A2P SMS reaches your subscribers by the least costly route (& often generating no revenue for you).

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All A2P SMS to your subscribers generates agreed termination fees.

SMS Assure

Anam’s Assure – A winning combination of proven SMS filtering technology & A2P monetisation know-how.

Assure your A2P Revenues. Protect your SMS Growth Areas.

Anam ASSURE enables operators to uncover new revenue from A2P SMS and maximize this new revenue stream. ASSURE involves the application of critical operational and business management services together with SMS filtering  to generate additional revenues for previously unbilled A2P SMS terminating on the MNO’s network.

A very large volume of bulk SMS messages are delivered daily to MNO subscribers handsets by Enterprises, Service Providers & Aggregators – many of these are delivered without anyone paying wholesale SMS charges and in fact in many cases the subscribers MNO is not even aware that the traffic is being processed on their network.

From a purist perspective a grey route refers to SMS entering a network unseen from an international source,  at Anam we use the grey route term in a more generic sense to refer to any A2P SMS traffic arriving to your subscribers handsets and which is not generating deserved revenue on the home network.

Loosely speaking Grey route A2P traffic on your network falls into 3 categories: Traffic coming in from Aggregators over international routes not covered by AA19 agreements; Unmonitored On-net traffic (e.g. on legacy direct connections trusted; on premium (trusted) SMS connections,  on local interconnect connections  where the rate is low) and finally traffic being delivered from SIM farms.

Together these many and varied sources of A2P SMS traffic amount to considerable lost revenue for the Operator.

The 6 Holes in Your Network

How am I missing out on A2P SMS revenue?

You need to manage these 6 Routes to your subscribers

Watch our short movie explaining where you're losing revenue on your network.

How to Optimise your A2P revenue

Telenor.svgTelenor Case Study

  • 45m billable messages per month on 3.2m sub base
  • Price point is unchanged at €0.035
  • €81m in revenue since 2007
  • CAGR of 32% over last 6 months and still growing
  • Avg 14 billable messages per user per month
  • OTT providers pay to terminate all messages

Real Growth Through The Anam Managed Service

Over 70% of Mobile Networks allow A2P SMS terminate on their network for free! “Assure”, Anam’s A2P SMS Revenue Assurance solution delivered through a Managed Service, allows Operators bill for these A2P SMS & generate extra revenue.  Anam’s Commercial model for the Mobile Operator is Revenue Share with “0” capex.

A2P SMS is growing at about 20% per annum due to companies realising that SMS is a fantastic way to communicate with people. SMS is ubiquitous working on all phones, 97% of all SMS are opened and 90% are read within 3 minutes. These are amazing results for a product that costs a few cents to deliver and is so much more effective than a letter, phone call or e-mail. It is predicted that revenue from A2P SMS will surpass traditional P2P SMS this year.

The A2P opportunity  = new revenue, recurring stream, very stable & experiencing 20% growth year on year.

ovum_whietpaperDownload the OVUM White paper:

Sustaining A2P SMS Growth While Securing Mobile Networks