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SMS Firewall

Anam’s SMS Firewall is a sophisticated filtering system which allows the Operator to monitor, detect, block and report on SMS spam.

In a recent survey conducted by the Communications Fraud Control Association (2013), MNOs revealed that $1.6 billion USD was lost in 2013 to SMS faking and spoofing, and $2.2 billion USD was lost due to Denial of Service (DoS) and spamming. It has also been predicted that if SMS spam is left unaddressed an MNO with 10m subs can easily incur annual costs up to $6m just in call centre costs and asymmetrical inter-operator SMS termination charges. (Source Heavy Reading).

Deployed in over 60 mobile networks worldwide, Anam’s patented technology can eliminate SMS fraud affording protection for MNOs and subscribers alike.

SMS Firewall Features

Anam’s solution is supported on telco grade Linux based platforms.  A number of deployment models are supported including classic turnkey hardware & software package as well as deployment into a VMware based data centre.  The solution is fully scalable, employs a fully redundant architecture and adheres to highest platform based security standards (e.g. operating system hardening).

  • Monitor, detect and block SMS messages
  • Quarantine SMSs
  • Expose and block malware sources
  • Flexible rules and threshold tuning
  • Integrated network and subscriber alerts
  • Signature and filter downloads
  • Multi-language (UCS2)
  • Check SMS, MMS, A2P, M2M, voice and RCS/SIP
  • Network agnostic (SMPP, GSM/3G, SIP/LTE)
  • Interoperable with existing infrastructure
  • Detailed reporting, logging and archive
  • Available with a Managed Service package

Anam’s Managed SMS Firewall Service

Anam is uniquely placed to offer a carrier grade SMS Firewall

Our deep knowledge of the Mobile Operator environment enables us to secure your SMS infrastructure against current and future threats.

In addition to providing the platform, Anam also offers a full managed service capability designed to ensure that the platform is operated, configured and updated with latest security rules on an ongoing basis.

  • Unrivalled pedigree in SMS (the company patented SMS home routing in 2004).
  • Extensive experience developing & implementing  Security solutions across varied carrier environments
  • Expert Managed Service to maintain network security levels
  • A deep understanding of the Mobile Operator’s business
  • Flexible Commercial Approach, reflecting our appreciation of prevailing budgetary landscapes
  • Efficient Deployment based on extensive working relationships with the MNO industry.