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Ooredoo Global Services

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12 th Floor, Ooredoo Tower, West Bay Doha,Qatar

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Ooredoo Global Services (OGS), the Group’s wholesale arm, provides a world-class network
that serves as a global exchange for voice, capacity and roaming traffic. It offers wholesale and
carrier customers one of the largest Internet peering networks in the Middle East and is
interconnected with more than 100 operators, including many of the largest in the world.
Ooredoo continues to have new partnerships with regional and global leaders to provide a higher
level of service and better experience for all our customers.

OGS aims to provide a best-of- class roaming experience to their customers and to serve inbound
roamers visiting its markets through an extensive network coverage. It offers a ubiquitous
roaming footprint through more than 650 roaming partnerships worldwide and is always seeking
to extend them further. It ensures an optimum roaming service through strategic alliances with
majority of the roaming partners and by connecting to best-of- class service providers.

OGS has already enabled LTE roaming services in Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Indonesia, Tunisia and
Myanmar while Algeria and Maldives is in the process to launch shortly.