Anam focuses on RBM Connectivity & Reach for Enterprises

Anam focuses on RBM Connectivity & Reach for Enterprises

RCS and RBM (RCS Business Messaging) is gathering pace and many MNO’s are poised to enter the market.  Covid 19 has impacted budgets making it more important than ever to invest wisely so what are the key features that will make a difference?  How best can Operators support and offer service levels to the fledgling community of enterprises and aggregators who are leading the charge in this exciting new space?

The flexibility offered to mobile users to interact with enterprise and brand services via intuitive & 2-way chat characterizes the conversational style and explosive appeal of the new Operator A2P messaging channel, RCS Business Messaging.

To take advantage of feature rich RBM enablement, many large enterprises, brands, and aggregators have highlighted the importance of one-time “onboarding” with the RBM MaaP platform. Such an approach simplifies the provisioning experience for sending parties on the RBM platform, eliminating operational hassle and cost to provision for every market served by the platform. A simplified on-boarding experience delivers the most efficient access to connected markets for MNO RBM customers.

By way of streamlining their RBM investment, MNO groups and large MNOs should also consider a multi-tenancy RBM platform allowing them to centralise the RBM offering for their enterprises, brands, and aggregator customers.

This approach allows the MNO entity or group to leverage their investment and host multiple “tenants” on the one centralised RBM platform enabling RBM services for its local Operating Companies, partner MNOs or MVNOs. This feature offer group MNO’s an incredible level of flexibility in their approach to management of operational entities.  As a well-established hub enabler in the A2P ecosystem, the multi-tenancy feature on our SMS Hubbing platform is used extensively and enables many key benefits.

The benefits of the one-time “on-boarding” process for the RBM platform enables Enterprises, brands and aggregators to reach ALL connected markets and relieving the overhead for multiple setups. In terms of their business messaging strategy such centralization gives huge flexibility to MNOs in relation to monetization, cost efficiency, service quality, ongoing market penetration and customer brand management.

Besides supporting one-time on-boarding of enterprises, brands, and aggregators, the ANAM RBM Hub also supports the verified sender features associated to the MNO’s markets. This includes the necessary integration with the authorized Verification Authorities (VA) and if a federated VA model is supported.

Hosted enterprises and brands benefit from the consistency, reachability and service management offered from the single “on-boarding” on the RBM Hub. In addition, the RBM Hub also offers a rich suite of analytics and monetization services to the MNO and its clients.

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Director of Technology at Anam, Looi Kwok Onn is involved in new technology and product ideation and is based in the company’s Asia HQ in Kuala Lumpur.