Anam named No 1 SMS Firewall Vendor for 2018

Anam named No 1 SMS Firewall Vendor for 2018

For the second year in a row, Anam has come out tops in Rocco’s annual SMS Firewall vendor survey. The global study, undertaken during November/December 2018, consulted 92 MNO’s (including 5 Group MNO’s) across 104 countries with data collected on 17 different vendors. 

An overall score for each vendor was devised by taking all applicable MNO ratings on the vendors across more than 40 KPI’s, in the categories of Performance (business oriented criteria for eg Customer service, Value for Money, QoS), Performance+ (performance on key technical SMS Firewall aspects) and Leadership. The stated goal of the research is “to understand what the Vendors say (Market Intelligence) and what the MNOs say about the vendors (Vendor Performance), as well as effectively record the vendors’ progress from an MNO point of view”.

In its concluding remarks about the winning vendor, the report states that “ Anam…has led the way throughout the research with very high scores in many KPIs and has taken for the

second year the leadership position in this report, .. [and] beating their scores from last year”.

Rocco are a specialised MNO focused research company whose mission is to assist STRATEGIC DECISION MAKING WITH UNIQUE INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AND TRAINING.

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