Anam retains No 1 SMS Firewall Vendor Position for 2020

Anam retains No 1 SMS Firewall Vendor Position for 2020

Anam is delighted to be returned No1 SMS Firewall vendor for 2020 making it the third consecutive win for the company.

The comprehensive survey, conducted by ROCCO over Dec 2019 & January 2020, involved responses from 131 mobile operators in 92 countries. The research is very thorough in its assessment of the 18 vendors and measures them against a wide range of key performance indicators such as Customer service, Value for Money, QoS, key Technical Firewall requirements and company leadership qualities.


Anam were named No1 SMS Firewall Vendors in ROCCO surveys conducted in 2017 and 2018.

No survey was published in 2019, with the current 2020 survey based on data gathered from MNO’s during the period Dec 2019 to Jan 2020.

ROCCO provide the following background to their research:

The plethora of choices available in the SMS Firewall vendor community creates a challenge for MNOs to identify the right solution for their needs, and as SMS spam and phishing become increasingly more common, finding the right vendor is a crucial task – essential some would say. Nothing causes customer churn more than unsatisfactory service.

ROCCO has been called the Michelin of the telecoms Industry in that it facilitates the rating of Vendors to understand the quality of vendors and the market leaders. However, ROCCO does not judge the Vendors directly, but facilitates MNOs in rating them and giving opinions across the wider Vendor base, creating a community for information and advice exchange on specific important Vendor decisions.

Investing in Vendors always takes a great effort, MNOs need to make RFP, RFQ and selection processes which take time and energy away from monetisation of SMS. This report aims to offer advice from other MNOs which might help MNOs not yet decided on which Vendor to choose. If the MNO is not part of a group, or an independent MNO they hardly ever get the advice of other MNOs to help make decisions on the challenges they face, so the benefits of listening to a truly neutral 3rd party like ROCCO are clear.

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