Update on Anam’s COVID-19 Preparedness

Update on Anam’s COVID-19 Preparedness

Dear Customer,

Arising from the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus Anam has put in place a series of measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff in parallel with the continuity of services and service quality to our customers globally.

At the beginning of the month we activated a Crisis Management Plan pursuant to our ISO27001 certification. Our cross functional crisis management team is meeting frequently to review the situation to implement appropriate responses and updates. We are closely monitoring the progress of the outbreak and heeding advice of relevant health departments and the World Health Organizations guidance. Phased introduction of flexible working arrangements in all Anam departments over the course of 2019 has greatly enhanced our capability to transition full service to a remote working model.

Business Continuity

The majority of Anam staff are successfully working from home at this stage and the remaining few are following policies specific to their location. Procedures are in place to ensure business continuity in the case of specific staff unavailability including geo- redundant IT infrastructure.

Business Travel

Previous restrictions on international travel for employees have been extended to full suspension for the current time, Regular meetings and updates will be conducted by audio and video calls and web conferencing.

Health Measures

Specific measures and guidance have been provided to all employees on how to protect and care for themselves as well as preventing the spread of the virus during the current situation. Regular contact and communication is maintained with staff to monitor their health and wellbeing.

Scenario Planning

All teams and departments have engaged in extensive scenario planning and plans are in place to deal with anticipated situations that may arise over the coming days and weeks.

Our main objective during this difficult period is to support our staff and provide our clients with the same excellent services as always.

Good and continued communication is critical at this time and Anam will maintain close contact with our partners and customers during the crisis. However if you are concerned about any service supply aspect in the current situation I urge you to contact our Group Chief Operating Officer – Alan Darcy (email alan.darcy@anam.com or by phone +353 87 27876361)

Yours sincerely & keep safe,

Noel Kelly
Anam Group CEO