Messaging Solutions for Mobile Operators

A2P Monetisation

Maximise your A2P Revenue Opportunity

Anam is recognised as the leading A2P SMS Monetisation partner for Mobile Operators globally. Our patented firewall technology and comprehensive analytics delivered through our Managed Service methodology delivers revenue results for our Mobile Operator partners every time.

A2P Monetisation

Messaging Security

Protect your network & your subscribers

The activities of fraudsters and hackers pose real risk to trust levels in messaging amongst both subscribers and enterprises. Knock on impacts for mobile network operators include a drop in A2P revenue streams, diminished brand value and poor customer experience. Anam has developed a powerful suite of products and services for the Mobile Operator to ensure protection against messaging threats and security breaches.

Messaging Security SMS Firewall

Anam Messaging Xchange

Leverage collective power

The emergence of international Mobile Network Groups seeking to drive revenues & achieve scaling efficiencies is based around a vision to bring exciting new services to extended subscriber numbers. Group-side traffic visualisations, analysis and management greatly enhances monetisation opportunities, buying power as well as quality of service. Anam is a strong player in this area already with Hubbing implementations on a number of continents for a variety of International group carriers. Our products and extensive expertise address a wide range of Hubbing requirements encompassed by a variety of different terms across the Industry: SMS Hub, A2P Hub, P2P Hub, Messaging Hub, RCS Hub, RBM Hub. Read on for more info on our product offerings or contact us for opinion and on your specific requirements.


Next Gen Messaging

Evolve your Messaging Architecture

Optimise your SMS and Messaging Architecture to reduce Opex, increase efficiency and drive new revenues. Anam’s portfolio of advanced messaging technology gives Mobile Operators access to the latest messaging innovations

Advanced Messaging RCS / RBM

Managed Services

Proactive Focus on your Messaging Services & Business

Anam’s portfolio of Messaging products is complemented by a comprehensive suite of Managed Services capabilities evolved to ensure that the Mobile Operator gets maximum value from its investment. Services are delivered and monitored on a 24/7 basis, backed by robust Service Level Agreements and based on up to date ISO certified work processes.

Revenue Maximization Messaging Security Technical Managed Services

Consultancy Services

In-depth understanding of mobile network fundamentals


An In-depth understanding of mobile network fundamentals combined with an appreciation of commercial realities lies at the heart of Anam’s Consultancy services. Our team of senior highly regarded experts are veterans in this space providing Operators the opportunity to engage technical and strategic independent review and advisory services.

Consultancy Services

Messaging   |   Security   |   A2P Monetisation

Anam’s portfolio is underpinned by exceptional knowledge & operational understanding of the Mobile Network.


Partnering with the worlds leading mobile operators we deliver:

– Quantifiable quality of service and revenue uplift

– Pathways between older and newer services

– Subscriber protection against fraud

– Cost effective Groupwide messaging solutions and

– Deep dive analysis and insights into network data