Consultancy Services

In-depth understanding of mobile network fundamentals

An In-depth understanding of mobile network fundamentals combined with an appreciation of commercial realities lies at the heart of Anam’s Consultancy services. Our team of senior highly regarded experts are veterans in this space providing Operators the opportunity to engage technical and strategic independent review and advisory services We are privileged to work with Mobile Operators from all around the globe affording us incredible knowledge and perspective on our industry.

A sample of the types of work we have conducted for clients includes:

  • Audit/review of existing architecture and performance
  • Advising & supporting Operators on regulatory issues
  • Drafting communication notices for external and internal stakeholders
  • International A2P product definition
  • Advisory on Pricing & Commercial considerations for Domestic & International A2P
  • Educational workshops (e.g. Messaging Fraud Frameworks, A2P maximization)
  • Audit of A2P Hubs/resellers
  • Advise on Firewall controls (for SMS 7 Signalling)
  • Blocking Policies & associated processes