Messaging Security

Messaging Security

SMS is a very well-established, safe, efficient and cost-effective channel. However, the presence of fraudsters and hackers means there is a risk that levels of trust amongst subscribers and enterprises will fall and causing a damaging impact on mobile network operators’ A2P revenue streams, their brand values and their customers’ experience. Anam has developed a powerful suite of products and services for the Mobile Operator to ensure protection against messaging threats and security breaches.

Messaging Firewall

Voted No 1 Firewall in independent research carried out with 172 Mobile Operators*.


Our Messaging Firewall is fundamental to full monetisation of A2P. Providing real time intelligent detection, filtering and traffic blocking capabilities, Anam’s Messaging Firewall enables real-time decisive action on Greyroute, fraudulent and SPAM SMS.


* Findings of research conducted by ROCCO on 172 MNO’s


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ANAM Messaging Firewall

Anam Analytics Hub

(Mass Storage, Analytics & Reporting System)

Our Analyzer platform is a powerful data repository platform employing BIG data, AI & Machine Learning tools and techniques to analyse and interrogate network traffic data. The system supports impressive visualisations, real-time GUI-based queries and extensive reporting formats. Analyzer is a cornerstone of Anam’s messaging security portfolio, providing the Managed Services team with up to date, relevant & precise data about SMS traffic on the customers network.

Anam Analytics Hub

Managed Services

Anam’s team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts provide a range of services to Mobile Operators to ensure optimal and continuous network protection.


Threat Monitoring & analysis

Filtering Rules Management Centre

System Care & Support

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