Technical Managed Services

Optimised Performance & System Management

Anam’s Technical Managed Services team are responsible for day to day management and operation of Anam components deployed in the customer network

The team delivers a wide range of platform management and operational services to ensure optimal and continuous systems performance. Services are divided into a number of different work streams as follows:

  • Service Management: is the key interface to our customer operations teams; Provide reporting on operational performance of the platforms against customer SLAs; Ensure Systems operate within acceptable KPI measurements
  • Core Platform Services: Application software management, hardware management, third party interface support (network management, billing etc.)
  • System Management Services: Execute routine tasks such as disk space, memory usage, processor utilisation, user management, backups. Application Software Updates Propose & manage changes, prepare test plans and conduct testing, prepare method of procedure (MOP), implement change requests.
  • Hardware Management: Manage initial installations and replacement of failed hardware components.
  • Platform Operations Services: Implement modifications and updates to external connections (SMPP), monitor A2P SMS and interworking traffic, update filtering blocking rules.