Anam Technologies launches its Managed SS7 Firewall

Anam Technologies launches its Managed SS7 Firewall

SS7 firewall launched to secure the SS7 network

Dublin, 10th February 2015. Anam Technologies has today announced the launch of its SS7 Firewall. Reported vulnerabilities in access to the SS7 network involve unauthorised and undetected interception of voice and SMS as well as street-level location tracking. The Anam SS7 Firewall secures like a ring of steel around the SS7 network boundary by closely monitoring, detecting and blocking any illegitimate activity crossing the border.

The SS7 network is the backbone interconnecting all telephone networks enabling global communication services and roaming – it is very likely that more people depend on the SS7 network than the internet! With this in mind, mobile operators need to assess the security of their SS7 networks and whilst current SMS Firewalls can offer some initial protection, this measure alone isn’t sufficient to protect against SS7 network attacks. A real challenge in the implementation of an SS7 Firewall is to secure the network whilst maintaining genuine roaming and interconnect traffic flows.

The Anam SS7 Firewall provides full protection of internal subscriber & network information data based on its patented home routing technology. A key benefit of the Managed SS7 Firewall from Anam Technologies is that the Mobile Network will be afforded constant monitoring and detection of vulnerabilities or security flaws in the SS7 network. Our Managed SS7 Firewall also includes a comprehensive rule update service.

Commenting on the launch of the SS7 firewall, John Murtagh, CTO at Anam Technologies said: “I am confident that Anam is the leading solution provider in this space, our strong SS7 expertise combined with our experience in implementing security solutions for MNO’s positions us as an ideal partner. The need for an SS7 firewall has become increasingly apparent as more mobile network operators are learning of the threats.”

John continued: “By securing their SS7 networks, mobile network operators can continue to maintain reputation and trust with their customers especially since OTT service providers represent an alternative approach”.

“The SS7 Firewall is the first product to be launched through the Anam R&D Board and is further evidence of Anam’s continued innovation in leading this market”, commented Louise O’Sullivan CEO of Anam. “The Managed SS7 Firewall is being launched with a new commercial model to enable our customers to optimise their network security and secure revenue on their network”.

To read more about SS7 network security from Anam Technologies, take a look at John’s recent blog post titled “The SS7 Network needs its own Secured Borders” on