Tele2 protects customers from spam messages with Anam Technologies

Tele2 protects customers from spam messages with Anam Technologies

Mobile messaging software solutions provider Anam Technologies has been selected to provide its Anti-Spam solution to Russian mobile operator Tele2.

The service filters out unsolicited text messages by blocking messages with alphanumeric and short sender IDs that are not sent by Tele2 Russia partners or preferred SMS aggregators.

Anam’s advanced filtering engine detects spamming, spoofing, faking and spam content and prevents it from reaching a customer’s mobile phone. This improves user experience, reduces levels of churn and protects the operator’s network. Following the implementation of Anam’s product, Tele2 saw a dramatic decrease in the number of customer complaints regarding unwanted and junk SMS messages, down 45% between November 2013 to February 2014.

Tele2 launched operations in Russia in 2003 and currently offers its mobile services to over 23.7 mn subscribers in 42 Russian regions. Following integration with Rostelecom’s mobile assets, the new federal operator will increase the number of penetrated regions to 60. Alongside the Anti-Spam solution, Anam is providing Tele2 with an innovative Black List service, which allows subscribers to block specific numbers that can include unwanted short numbers in a list, as well as the send names and DEF numbers.

“Customer service is our top priority at Tele2 and being able to effectively identify and block unwanted spam messages from ever being received by our subscribers has been a key goal for us,” said Pavel Chunikhin, Tele2 Russia Product Director. “Following the implementation we’ve seen customer complaints about SMS spam drop significantly, which tells us that we are able to effectively protect our customers and provide the best service possible.”

“Spam is becoming an increasing problem for mobile operators with many seeing unwanted messages being terminated on their network. SMS messaging is still a highly trusted method of communication and therefore protecting subscribers from spam needs to be a top priority for mobile operators,” commented Louise O’Sullivan, CEO of Anam Technologies. “Our solution helps Tele2 Russia to block all unwanted SMS that isn’t sent by them, their partners and SMS aggregators, effectively closing off their network to spammers.”