A2P Monetisation

A2P Monetisation

Maximise your A2P revenue Opportunity

Anam is recognised as the leading A2P SMS Monetisation partner for Mobile Operators globally. Our patented firewall technology and comprehensive analytics delivered through our Managed Service methodology delivers revenue results for our Mobile Operator partners every time.

SMS Firewall

Voted No 1 Firewall in independent research carried out with 172 Mobile Operators*.


Our SMS Firewall is fundamental to full monetisation of A2P. Providing real time intelligent detection, filtering and traffic blocking capabilities, Anam’s SMS Firewall enables real-time decisive action on Greyroute, fraudulent and SPAM SMS.


* Findings of research conducted by ROCCO on 172 MNO’s


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ANAM Messaging Firewall


(Mass Storage, Analytics & Reporting System)

Anam’s MARS is a powerful data repository platform employing BIG data, AI & Machine Learning tools and techniques to analyse and interrogate network traffic data. The system supports impressive visualisations, real-time GUI-based queries and extensive reporting formats. MARS is a cornerstone of Anam’s A2P portfolio, providing our Managed Services team with up to date, relevant & precise data about SMS traffic on the customers network.

Anam Anaylzer

Managed Services

Anam’s team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts provide a range of services to Mobile Operators to ensure optimal and ongoing SMS protection & maximum revenue generation.

Our unique Managed Service capability delivers 360° management of A2P SMS through close interworking between our expertise clusters. Separate teams for Revenue Analytics, Filtering Rules Management as well as Platform Care and Support ensures each area gets the right attention whilst a strong overarching customer focus unites the teams to optimise quality of service and revenue for each customer.

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