Signalling Security

Signalling Security

Serious security flaws in Mobile Operator Signalling networks (SS7 and DIAMETER) are being exploited today by fraudsters, criminals and foreign security services to intercept and manipulate subscriber communications – both voice and texts. Anam is a world leader in SS7 & Diameter Signalling Threat detection and blocking. We have a range of expertise, technologies and analytical tools for Mobile Operators to take action against vulnerability and determine what is happening on your Signalling networks.

Signalling Firewall

Realtime filtering of signalling traffic is generally regarding at the optimal approach to seal the network against attack.


Anam’s Signalling firewall delivers real-time intelligent filtering functionality with a web-based GUI for configuration management, a powerful Analytics engine and Tracing tools.


(Mass Storage, Analytics & Reporting System)

Anam’s MARS is a powerful platform that utilises Big Data & AI tools and techniques to analyse signalling traffic, generate graphical overviews and pin point threats. MARS can support an initial network vulnerability audit or, deployed with the Firewall, can rapidly render authoritative reports and insights on network traffic

Managed Services

Anam’s team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts provide a range of services to Mobile Operators to ensure optimal and continuous network protection.


Threat Monitoring & analysis

Filtering Rules Management Centre

System Care & Support