Anam supports MEF whitepaper on Securing SMS for Enterprises

Anam supports MEF whitepaper on Securing SMS for Enterprises

Last month MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme launched its Securing A2P SMS Business Messaging Whitepaper developed by members of its Fraud & Security Working Group. The comprehensive guide makes best practice recommendations when using SMS for Two Factor Authentication and provides practical use cases.

In this webinar, some of the contributors of the paper come together to discuss best practices for ensuring SMS remains a clean and secure channel for enterprises particularly when it comes to sending OTPs.

Moderated by GTC’s Giovanni Benini, the session takes a deep-dive on some of the topics tackled in the paper including SS7 vulnerabilities, SIM Swap and SMiShing. It talks about the different roles and responsibilities across the messaging delivery value chain including expectations on the MNOs. The session also highlights recommended best practices for enterprises in terms of technical solutions for combatting fraud and securing the SMS channel but also expectations on consumer education and knowing your supply chain.


  • Virginie Debris, Chief Product Officer, Global Message Services
  • John Murtagh, CTO of Anam
  • Lee Suker, Market Development Director, Xconnect
  • Moderator: Giovanni Benini, Partner at Global Telco Consult
  • MEF – Joanne Lacey, Future of Messaging Programme


Watch the full video below and download the whitepaper now

Download the MEF Whitepaper

    The Securing A2P SMS Business Messaging Whitepaper explains the messaging delivery chain and sets out clear guidelines for securing SMS for two factor authentication. It explains the technical, device and industry solutions available and provides recommendations to brands and enterprises.
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